دسامبر 4, 2019

Trade Off (1995)|Sex Movie|Full Movie 1995

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Tom and Karen are unhappy, planning to divorce after they sell their house. At work, a ruthless colleague is pushing Tom aside. At a bar, Jackie enchants him, and they begin an affair. She complains of an abusive husband, he complains of unfulfilled dreams. She suggests that each murder the other’s spouse. When Karen drives her car off a bridge and no body is found, Jackie claims credit for murder and pushes Tom to do his share. He’s appalled, but after her husband beats her again, Tom’s resolve stiffens and he heads to her place; her husband’s identity surprises him. Meanwhile, in the background, are a dutiful cop, a dogged insurance agent, and a neighbor in trouble.

Director: Andrew Lane
Writers: Ed Fitzgerald (as Edmund Fitzgerald), Paul Koval
Stars: Theresa Russell, Adam Baldwin, Barry Primus |