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IP MAN TV Series – Episode 9 [English Sub] Kevin Cheng, Action Series HD

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IP Man Series All Episodes 1-10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AmdlV8qLwr0&list=PL9kKQ7xjE8HPYBoXMKu0VhpJCRsqTs5Br
IP MAN TV Series – Episode 9 [English Sub] Kevin Cheng, Action Series HD
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Plot: Having been brought up in old traditional Foshan city, young Ip Man struggles to come to term with the ways of the modern Chinese city of Canton As the Northern and Southern Warlords squabble over Chinese leadership by staging a Martial Arts contest, Ip Man has to prove himself worthy and becoming a hero in his own right.

Kevin Cheng
Han Xue
Liu Xiaofeng
Chrissie Chau
Song Yang
Yu Rongguang
Yuen Wah
Bruce Leung

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